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Perissa Hotels This site will provide you the majority of Perissa Hotels all around the city. You will have the chance to choose the ideal Perissa hotels for you and your family. Perissa is very popular for the breathtaking view unique for every part of the day.

perissa hotels

Perissa is very much the haven of the independent and down-market budget traveller, with a host of pensions, rooms and bars along a main road running inland from the beach.

You can find hotels on the beaches, Perissa hotels, cheap Perissa hotels, spa hotels and any kind of hotel which you want.

In Perissa there are plenty of pensions and small hotels offering relatively cheap beds. Perissa has 8 Km of black volcanic sand,a wide range of watersports and a campsite. A modern church stands on the site of the Byzantine chapel of Irene, after whom the island is named.

Enjoy your vacations and your accommodation in the magnificent Perissa Hotels

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